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The late Roger Fuller


The Fuller Group goes back many years with activities ventured into by the former Chairman, the late Roger Fuller, who took control of The English Grains Company after the Second World War. This business was originally involved in the production and sale of grain associated products. One of the larger businesses to emerge from The English Grains Company was Granary Bread™ which would ultimately become a household brand and was later sold to Rank Hovis. At the same time, a company by the name of Trent Yeast Extract Co. produced a yeast product called Yeatex™. Yeatex was a significant supplier of yeast extract to food manufacturers such as Campbell Soups as well as a supplier of Animal Feed. The business diversified into health food manufacture and distribution during the 1960s through brands developed called Modern Health Foods™ and Mapletons™ which operated nationwide distribution facilities and later exported to the US and Asia. Products common on the shelves of supermarkets today such as Granola, Cereal bars and Museli were developed and launched by Mapletons. Mapletons would ultimately be sold on to Cadbury Schweppes, only for another health brand by the name of SunWheel™ to be developed by the Group for health product manufacture and distribution.

Through the growing vehicle distribution fleet, the business embarked on an interest in the Motor Trade which would ultimately see the Group operating a chain of motor franchises for Renault, Fiat, and other major motor brands across the UK and later, the Channel Islands.

Roger Fuller’s passion for sailing was the basis for the Group’s involvement in the marine property and boat building sector. Indeed, it would be Roger Fuller’s sailing exploits that resulted in the Group’s real estate interests in further afield locations including the Caribbean and the Algarve in Portugal.

Since 1970, the Group’s Head Office has been located in Guernsey and their interest in property and development has grown to become the core activity of the business.